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DockDogs is the fastest growing canine sport in the US and events can be seen around the World, from Canada to Australia! We have a zero discrimination policy. We happily welcome any breed, any mix, any size and anybody looking to make a BIG SPLASH in the water! From Beginners to Pros, everyone is welcome to play and compete. There is a division designed just for YOU, from the bellyflopping 2 foot jumps to the 30+ record setting jumps!


We'll see YOU on the DOCK!

View our PHOTO ALBUM to see some big splashes and friendly competition!

All DockDog Competitions are held on a 40 foot dock attached to a 40 foot pool. DockDog events include Big Air (a long jump for dogs), Extreme Vertical (a high jump for dogs) and Speed Retrieve (a timed, speed swim). You can enter 1, 2 or all 3 of the events during a competition.

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